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Welcome to The Mindset Junkie

Founded by Seamus Fox, the mentoring programmes within The Mindset Junkie focuses on getting you to recondition your mindset so you can fulfil your potential, and create the life you want. Limiting beliefs and fear trap people, leaving them unfulfilled. The Mindset Junkie Academy use a mixture of 1:1 mentoring and group coaching sessions to change your mindset, build confidence, and nurture the clarity needed for you to achieve your potential. Seamus Fox has walked the walk. His own journey gives him the experience to share his learnings with others who want to push themselves and be held accountable to achieve their own personal and professional goals.

Our Courses

Whether you are starting out on your self development journey or are ready to take the next step, we have a course to suit you. 

The Mindset Junkie Academy

This 16 week programme reconditions subconscious limiting beliefs that are blocking you from making progress, encouraging you to take accountability for the actions needed to create a fulfilling life. You are pushed out of your comfort zone. You are challenged. From this comes growth and the mindset reconditioning you need to realise your true potential.

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30-Day Mindset Reset Programme

The Mindset Reset programme is perfect for those starting out on their self-development journey. The programme includes a self-hypnosis recording to reprogram and empower your subconscious mind, as well as daily meditation exercises to relax and quiet your mind, providing clarity of thought and action. After only 30 days, this programme will leave you feeling focused and motivated.

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A Crash to Success

A Crash to Success takes you on a journey from self-sabotage to success.

By sharing the tools and mindset skills that have helped Seamus turn his life around he wants to show you how you can start to do the same.

“The car crashed with a sudden force and I was punched awake by the air bag. I was 21 years old, wasting my life and my time and I had just crashed my car, head on into a wall, whilst out of my mind drunk. As I stumbled from the car I was punched again by an angry onlooker straight in the face and as I hit the concrete covered in blood I thought about getting away, eventually, I tried to run. Things had to change.”

Seamus has shared his learning and lessons in mentoring hundreds of people to achieve success and the goals that they want for their life – both personal and professional.

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What Clients Say

Joining the academy has given me the the tools, belief, focus and vision to pursue my goals with conviction & has enabled me to lay the foundations to truly create the life I desire.

Brónagh Healey

When you truly believe in yourself and you put your mind to it you can do anything. When you have someone behind you propelling you forward you will do it a million times faster.

Miceala O’Neill

Seamus has transformed my mindset completely. I no longer see roadblocks only opportunities and when I have a slip he is on hand to give me his words of wisdom.

Colly Barry

Seamus has a fantastic way of teaching, with the support and knowledge I have gained from him towards the future I want has been amazing and something I never thought would be possible.

Shelley Mc Laughlin

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