“I have had the pleasure of knowing Seamus for many years now. His dedication to all things mindset, personal growth and leadership is only matched by his passion to help others on their own health, wellbeing and business journey.”

Eoin Lacey, Performance Consultant & International Speaker

Seamus Fox is an Entrepreneur, CEO of The Mindset Junkie Academy, Mentor, Podcaster, TedX speaker and an award winning business owner.

Seamus has walked the walk, he has been where you are; unfilled, knowing that there is more to life, and wanting to give his family the things he never had.  He was unemployed, had no qualifications, was living in a deprived area of Derry and his future seemed bleak. However, 2004 was a turning point for Seamus, he got back into sport and started training, and more importantly he set himself a goal. In just 12 short months, he wanted to win the Mr Northern Ireland Bodybuilding title. Dave, the owner of the gym where Seamus trained, encouraged him in his ambition, advising that if he put the work in, he could be up there with the best. It was the encouragement that Seamus needed, and in 2005, he won the title.

Reconditioning his mind

Seamus went on to become a qualified Personal Trainer, building a successful fitness business. As his client base grew he threw himself into studying – learning how to understand himself better so he could master his own mindset – with the hope that he could share with others how to master theirs. Before long, Seamus had pivoted from personal training to setting up a new business – coaching others to help them understand how their own limiting beliefs were hindering their success.
By reconditioning those beliefs, Seamus showed his clients, people just like you, how they could change their mindset and create the life they truly wanted, just like he had.

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Meet some of our members

When asked ‘who is The Mindset Junkie for?‘ The answer is simple, people like you and me.  The one thing that unites all our members is that they share the same belief that they want to develop themselves, either professionally or personally and are committed to taking the action required. We have a diverse range of members, from 25 year olds who are just starting out to mature business owners who  know that they can push their businesses further.

Brónagh Healey

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